Author helps job seekers embrace the potential of Twitter

Twitter is no longer a social media channel that would be “nice to understand” but a tool that serious job hunters must embrace.

Among the more than 20 million people who visit Twitter every month are hiring managers, human resources staffers and recruiters covering every industry, profession and geographic area, according to Marci Reynolds, CEO of J2B Marketing.

Reynolds has written How to Use Twitter for Your Job Search, a 15-page e-book packed with clear explanations, examples, and tips that even the most non-technical person can appreciate. She is confident that users of Facebook or LinkedIn will have no trouble getting up to speed on Twitter.

I have been tweeting in a small way, but the author packed a lot of key information into one easy-to-read manual. Topics include using Twitter to:

  • Increase your online visibility
  • Become Google friendly
  • Find real time job postings
  • Follow and connect with recruiters
  • Follow and connect with target companies

Reynolds points out that savvy “tweeters” could be alerted to jobs posted on Twitter before the competition sees the same posting elsewhere on the web. Posting jobs on Twitter is free (at the moment), while sites such as Monster, The Ladders and LinkedIn require a fee.

In my opinion, Twitter also might be a way to get the attention of recruiters and HR managers in a way that e-mail and snail mail fail to do. Its spontaneous nature encourages lively (yet concise) dialog. You can comment on a recruiter’s post, ask questions, and get your name “out there.”

How to Use Twitter for Your Job Search can be purchased for the ‘cheep’ price of $5 (sorry, couldn’t resist) and can be downloaded into your computer or Kindle. For more information about Reynolds and her business, go to  And, of course she is on Twitter, at


One response to “Author helps job seekers embrace the potential of Twitter

  1. Cheryl.. Thank you very much for mentioning my recent ebook- How to use Twitter for your job search! FYI, you can now get a free version, if you sign up for a free account on

    Good luck with your job search!

    – Marci Reynolds

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