An email from God gives me a crazy idea

God sent me an email today.

The sender name was “God” and evidently wants me to buy his products.   Obviously this was spam. But sometimes even email that doesn’t interest you can provide a door to a job opportunity.

Since I request white papers and manuals online, I end up on various email lists.  The senders assume I still work for a medium to large company and invite me to attend conferences or listen to sales pitches.

I used to delete these emails because I’m unemployed. Today I did something different.

A salesperson at a company I admire requested that I listen to his pitch.  I am aware that I am just one of possibly hundreds receiving the email.  Instead of tossing it, though, I sent a thank you note. 

I apologized for not being able to accommodate his sales effort at this time and explained that I’m looking for full-time regular work.  If the sender knew someone in the Chicago area interested in hiring a communications professional, I wrote, then I would appreciate the tip.

I was surprised when I got a quick and positive response. The company representative said he would be glad to send my resume to a contact in Chicago. I responded with my resume and my gratitude.

If you hope to take the same steps, keep these points in mind:

  • Only respond to a company you know and admire
  • Acknowledge the email and thank him/her
  • Keep your note brief and concise.

If you find this advice helpful, let me know. And good hunting!


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