13 Job Hunting Tips that Work

I rarely use the word ‘inspirational’ to describe someone, especially when discussing job hunting. However, I met someone at a networking event who had lost his job after many years in the same industry. No matter what his job search had been like that month, Dave still managed to buoy everyone else in the networking group with his positive convictions.

After Dave landed his next job, he returned to the networking group to encourage us and share some of his favorite job hunting tips. I keep the list by my computer and refer to it regularly. 

  1. Get in touch and stay in touch with yourself and your family—both mentally and spiritually. 
  2. Write your goals down. Post your target re-employment date.  You’re more likely to achieve your goals if you set them and keep them before you at all times.
  3. Establish a compelling value proposition. What do you offer that will help solve their problems?
  4. Spend 90 minutes per day maximum at the computer. The best results come from actually talking to people, which goes along with the next point:
  5. Network your fool head off.  Keep your name before people so that, when an opportunity does come up, you immediately come to mind.
  6. Apply for a job after you have an internal contact.
  7. Learn, learn, learn (library, Toastmasters, LinkedIn, Yahoo groups, Tweet, blogs)
  8. Be good to yourself.  But this isn’t permission to overindulge or throw a pity party.
  9. Join or form an accountability group.
  10. Resist a rut. Try one new career search technique every week.
  11. Volunteer
  12. Rest and recharge weekly.
  13. Finally, ask for the order. That’s sales talk for asking the interviewer, “When do I start?” It sounds pushy—so what?

Losing a job can be frightening because it’s a loss of control.  However, as Dave points out, “While you can’t control when you land, you can control how long you search, how you search, and where you search.”   I hope the staff that he manages now finds him as encouraging as I do.


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