Fear and Uncertainty in Pittsburgh International (but the flight was great!)

I interviewed for a consulting job Thursday at their Pittsburgh headquarters.

First, MY FEET ARE KILLING ME. My black “fashion” boots with two inch heels look great but after two miles (it seemed) of walking, I was considering mugging a teen for her Yukluks.

The teen was spared when I found the Southwest Airlines waiting area and sat across from three women of middle-age.   They wore nearly identical navy suits (one had pink on the collar). They carried similar purses and computers and overnight bags, wore sensible shoes, and their hair of various styles had been sprayed so well that a Chicago wind would not have disturbed a follicle.

They appeared unaware of my observation, because their eyes never left their Blackberries  while they talked to each other.

Then I realized with growing unease…. They were CONSULTANTS.

I had just interviewed for a consulting role for which I would travel often.  I’m waiting for the final word from my interviewers. If my feet (now healing) and my patience survive, however, the big question remains:


I carry a sparkly purple wallet inside my conservative travel bag. I pulled it out and whispered, “At least I have you.” But the power of the purple seemed weak in comparison to the aura of similar pink lipsticks.

Perhaps I just had a horrible flashback to the seventies, but I am…. afraid….


3 responses to “Fear and Uncertainty in Pittsburgh International (but the flight was great!)

  1. Good luck, Cheryl! No one deserves a great job like you do! I will, however, say that when I think of the word “Consultant,” I think of the freedom it gives you to NOT be a Stepford! It all depends on the culture of the consulting firm you’re representing. Go get ’em girlfriend! 😉

  2. Linda, you’re absolutely right. I know a number of consultants and they rarely dress like the ones described above. In fact, they reminded me of the days after college when I was looking for my “big” job. I showed up downtown for an interview and every woman was dressed exactly like our college counselor told me to dress: grey suit, pink blouse with big floppy bow tie, and black pumps. We were too mortified to laugh out loud, but we did chuckle a bit.

  3. Cheryl,

    Entertaining piece of writing! Enjoyed it and hope the trip was fruitful.


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